TEREX 29542533 bearing

TEREX 15310125 HARNESS – INSTRUMENTS FOR TR100 TR50 TR35 Damper parts


TEREX 29542533 bearing

Description: TEREX 29542533 bearing

PN: TEREX 29542533 bearing

 Taizhou Terre Kosen Mine Equipment Co.,Ltd

 Why Us?
1) High quality&Quality Warranty
We are Genuine OEM manufacturer for Terex in China (NHL) , have 150+ parts dealers in China,good reputation makes us stand out in this line.
2) Various parts
We supply Terex dump truck parts of 3303;3304;3305; 3306;3307;3308;3310;3311E; TR35; TR45; TR50; TR60; TR70; TR100; 
Whole truck parts!
3)Competitive price
our local is famous for technology .
High automation reduced our cost and ensure better price for buyers.
4)cheapest freight cost&short delivery time 
We are located in east China ,near sea .next to Shanghai .there are some international airport and sea port .
and cooperating with DHL ,Fedx ,TNT ,EMS,UPS, will short the delivery time.
6)Sample order &quality inspection accept  
We accept the sample order.Click to send inquiry


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