Terre Kosen Mine Equipment Co., Ltd - We offer Terex Truck Parts for Sale

Terre Kosen Mine Equipment Co., Ltd specializes in Terex rigid dump truck parts,new and used equipment.At the same time,we are the largest Terex parts supplier in China.

Our Service covers the following:

  • Supply Terex dump truck parts with Genuine and OEM quality.
  • Develop parts according to customer’s requirement.
  • Supply new and used machinery equipments.
  • Parts repair service.
  • Technology support service.

Genuine and OEM Terex spare parts for sale

Most of the machinery or the equipment that is manufactured by Terex company are used in various industries and most of the time they are involved in heavy duty activities. So it is advisable to use only genuine or OEM spare parts for your machinery. We have Terex truck parts available on our online store where you can get Terex truck parts for sale or at a discounted price.

We have a huge collection of Terex spare parts where you can buy Terex parts online. From time to time to encourage usage of OEM and Genuine spare parts.